I write fiction, nonfiction & poetry as the mood strikes. I was born in Mexico & now live upstate NY. I am very drawn to the strange in all areas of life. I am working on my upcoming novel Tragedy Town. I have recently begun interacting a lot with ghosts & having other intense mystical happenings. In this blog I am going to explore that side of my life that as a publisher & writer I really don't get to.


If you wanna check out my writings, Trash Panda is a collection of poetry making fun of alt lit & Tumblr/IG era poetry, Cartoons in the Suicide Forest is a collection of short fiction that is surreal, horrifying & very inspired by the dark side of fairy tales. Tragedy Queens is an anthology I edited of Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey & Sylvia Plath.


I am the Editor in Chief of CLASH Books & Black Telephone Magazine. I have published poetry and nonfiction in Luna Luna Magazine, Entropy, Philosophical Idiot, Breadcrumbs Magazine, Cultured Vultures, Quail Bell Magazine, Verse, and A Shadow Map: An Anthology of Survivors of Sexual Assault (CCM). I am the host of Get Lit With Leza, a podcast where I talk to cool ass writers. I got a B.A. in Cultural History from Marlboro College.

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